Liz & Patrick | Christmas

Throwback to a photo shoot that means a lot to me: three years ago I was starting photography with no idea what I was doing. I was borrowing cameras, watching online tutorials, studying photography books, and both inspired and overwhelmed by the possibilities ahead. Liz and Pat booked me for one of my very first paid shoots. 

I was terrified. What if I couldn't focus? What if I don't edit well? What if I can't correct the white balance and accidentally make Liz look like she's got a bad spray tan?

But Liz and Pat showed up with smiles on their face and their little buddy Charlie. We spent an hour photographing a really simple and fun Christmas session. Fears dissipated as their little family supported me, loved me, and believed in me! 

Fast forward three years: photography has settled into a developing skill that I can be confident in, and Pat and Liz are adding another member to their little family! Time is crazy, man. I'm so grateful for people who love and support and believe in the people around them. Here are a couple photos from that shoot--my photography has come a long way, but these are special to me and worth sharing! Thank you Liz and Pat for being amazing friends!

This Sunday I have a few Christmas Mini Session slots open! Amanda Rivera and I are setting up a lovely Christmas set and will be ready to shoot quickly and edit your photos with a rapid turnaround time so you can still send out a Christmas card! Message me if you want a slot, there's still a few available!

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