Messina Family Farm

Tim & Lauren are two of Craig’s and my dearest friends. They have a busy little farm (Maple View Barn) bustling with children and animals! They just recently added four alpacas (YES, FOUR!) to their family, and I got a chance to photograph the kiddos and the animals while Tim & Craig cooked us fantastic burgers and Lauren wrangled dinner together for all the littles and the farmlife. Enjoy the snapshot into their sweet life. It may be a lot of work to have lots of babies and animals and to fix up a farmhouse, but you can feel the love that’s been poured into all of it!

Introducing: Amanda Rivera

I've been really excited to officially share this with everyone! Late last fall, my friend Amanda Rivera approached me with the proposition of coming alongside Cara Sandford Studios to help with editing, scheduling shoots, and growing the business. Since it was right on the tail end of the busy photography season, it was an incredibly beautiful option, and she is now a part of the Cara Sandford Studios team!!! We are thrilled to have had the last several months to work together on creative projects that extend even past photography, and to see what the future holds. 

Amanda is an incredible photographer, far more educated and skilled than I when it comes to understanding the technology and light. She's a joy to work with, constantly helpful and always pleasant.  I got the chance to ask her a few questions about herself, and I'm pumped to share her amazing self with all of you!

Tell me a little bit about your background and how you started learning:
I started in high school. Just playing around with a cheapy point and shoot camera. I showed my art teacher, and he said I had a pretty decent eye. So I asked to be apart of the AP Art class,  and I fell in love with photography. I thought about going to college for art but thought that wasn't a secure career path so I went for Math Education at CUNY Hunter College. However, when I moved up to NH back in 2011 (from Brooklyn, NY), I decided to go to school for photography. I graduated in 2014 from New Hampshire Institute of Art with a BFA in photography.

What is your favorite subject material?
I love documentary photography and environmental portraits. I love telling stories with an image. Since I'm not the best at words haha I let my camera do the talking for me. But I also love abstract photography I feel like a painter or illustrator when I'm working on abstract projects.

If you could describe yourself in three words what would you say?
Quirky, Emotional (in a good way!) and Sarcastic

Describe your favorite shoot in the past?
I did a project that followed a family whose son had recently been put on the autism spectrum. It was a honor getting to document what life was like at the beginning stages of learning how to embrace their son’s difference in learning. It was precious to see the growth in the son’s ability and confidence.

And what is your favorite part of the photography process?
Editing is my favorite part.

What are your necessary editing snacks?
Tortilla chips or Teddie’s Peanut Butter. Oh and excessive amounts of strong coffee!

Favorite Netflix show that you binge watched while editing?
Believe it or not that’s a tough one…I would say my go to shows are Brooklyn99, Parks and Rec., and The Office.

What are your hopes and dreams with photography?
I hope to one day be able to connect with children in developing countries and incorporate photography into their learning experience. To be able to see different perspectives of life through their lens. I love experiencing new cultures and what better way to be able to do that than through the photography.

What is your big project?
Right now I'm getting back into the swing picking up my camera as much as I can but I would love to do another documentary photography project. I have a few ideas floating around but nothing I've solidified yet. So we'll see!

What is your spirit animal?
It depends on the day but I think I’m half sloth because I can spend the whole day by myself on the couch editing pictures and half hyena because I love to laugh and be around those I love.

Amanda Rivera, ladies and gentleman! She's a lovely and much needed addition to the team. Keep an eye out for a post highlighting some of her beautiful work!

Trudy | Winter Session

We all know that golden summer sunsets and brilliant fall foliage are coveted times to take photographs. But I adore a wintery, snowy portrait. Trudy makes an incredible model. She is stunning, brilliant, funny, and an absolute dream to photography.


Interested in a bit of a different look to your portraits? Senior sessions or family photos in the snow can be absolutely stunning!

2016 in Black and White

2016 has been a year marked by change. I'm humbled to look back over 360+ days and think to think about the hundreds of people I had the privilege to photograph. Here are a few favorites from the year, but my goodness, it was so hard to narrow it down to just these. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, and believed in me and made 2016 a year to remember! Here's to making pictures in 2017!

The Seney's | Family Shoot

Alli and her funky style and light hearted spirit are dear to my heart! She was one of my first official clients, and the first on the blog! It was such an honor to photograph her and her little family, as well as Bill's not so little family - those photos to come! Alton and Bill and Alli and Reggae are lovely, sunshine, and so full of laughs. Much love to you, my friends!